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I'm a Communications Manager at Microsoft and I run the company's official Windows blog. I read/write a lot, love taking photos, and love music and movies.

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1735 days ago


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wuf810 1735 days ago

re drbarber - yes I've used it. Its good but its still not Snow Leopard. I'm just commenting on the fact that people are queuing for Windows (unbelievable). I just hope these people have bought new hardware, peripherals, updated their printer/scanner dri

wuf810 1735 days ago

I think that is the saddest thing I've ever what....I mean not a mac in site.

wearymadness 1735 days ago

I used mac for a year, moved back to windows because of 7: and I'm cooler than all of you :P

drbarber 1735 days ago

to finish - that they sycopantically evangelize that they have to come here to leave derrogatory comments just to make themselves feel better and prove how much better they are.

drbarber 1735 days ago

I wonder how many of the people leaving anti-Win7 comments have actually USED the OS. It works great. Just re-affirms that Mac fanboys are a bunch of pampered, elitist, douche bags who apparently are so secure with the superiority of the OS they sycophant

scotteatsbread 1735 days ago

I downloaded it, for free. This is beyond sad!

MattWBP 1735 days ago

The unpleasant air of Mac User superiority here only confirms that an OS cannot cure being a douche. Chill out guys. The majority of 'Mac users are better looking" type comments aren't exactly being made by attractive models either...

goldenlad 1735 days ago

The Apple queues have much more eye candy than this lot of trainspotter lookeelikees

mikesouthby 1735 days ago

For those of you who don't know the area this photo was taken, let me clarify. The queue is actually for the kebab shop which is next door but one from PC World. The reason the PC World lights are on? well pretty obvious if you think about it, the staf

joe_spear 1735 days ago

Actually I think that's the customer complaints line. PC World are completely incompetent

chrisbeach 1735 days ago

Wonder how much Microsoft paid for this pathetic little stunt. Seriously? Queueing for Windows??

deadphill 1735 days ago

Makes me laugh that they have a massive stock clearance sale the day Windows 7 is released!!!! I dont think Ill every queue up for anything at pcworld! Bunch of *******!!!

vulturgryphus 1735 days ago anyone? seriously, wait in line for a new OS release, 2009? you all should be rewarded with a brand new Win95 box!

zakkain 1735 days ago

This makes me smile. And all the haters who replied to this: Seriously? You're that religious about an operating system?

Yonnie420 1735 days ago

wow so many people want that gay OS eh.... o well their loss..

johnspalding4 1735 days ago

real computer users use Linux :)

jk, jk. Good luck with this one M$. You're gonna need it

AsiComoLoOye 1735 days ago

good luck guys! you need a lot of luck to install win7 and works fine at first time.

welmore 1735 days ago

That's the laptop service and repair line.

kmiyazawa 1735 days ago

Gee... what a queue. ほへぇ。ロンドンでも行列かぁ。

ReiMedeiros 1735 days ago

I would be there if it would be a line for free beer...