Bethenny Frankel


The original skinnygirl

Up so early.going w my man to the diner for outfit is classic.

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2529 days ago

Up so early.going w my man to the diner for outfit is classic.


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SteffieGirl 2524 days ago

GO SAINTS!! WHO DAT from New Orleans!!!

bayousalvage 2526 days ago

its classic in new orleans cher- geaux saints!

MRSEMERRITT 2527 days ago

Don't let ur self go because ur pregnant. Be the glamour girl u always r.

BabsNJ 2528 days ago

It's refreshing to see you this way...get used to it b.c that's all you'll want to be in for couple months after baby! LOL! U R 2 cute!

prettymocha76 2529 days ago

Bethenny, you deserve to be one has to be perfect every minute of every day. You're just you and I like that. You don't set out to try and impress others you do what makes you feel good. Congratulations on everything you really deserve it. My

starship2ok 2529 days ago

You already look like somebodies Mommy!! Where did glamour girl go??
Really, congratulations, you'll be a great mommy!

mcolontoso 2529 days ago

Bethany is that a Saints Fleaur De Lis shirt, we love ya in New Orleans!!!!!

vchatila 2529 days ago

Oh dear God...! LOOOL What would the countess say!

caliguy75 2529 days ago

i love how u can leave ur house in ur pj's n not give a shit!! ur still hot even if ur rockin a trash bag ;)

210twix 2529 days ago

People who go out like that freak me out. LOL

Wordwiley 2529 days ago

I own those pants

mahlilman07 2529 days ago

looks like closet freak clothing by lisa wu hartwell

samuelson5 2529 days ago

Is that a birkin with your jammie pants and ugg slippers? Love it!

BranThaMavsFan 2529 days ago

You'll probably be making all the worst dressed crap in the mags...who cares, it's fabulous, just shows how down to earth you really are.

LilMissAussieNJ 2529 days ago

Wait..... u look like this first thing in the morning?!!! A little too good for us mere mortals. I now officially have no hope of finding me a man!!!!

Ashley8317 2529 days ago

Love the Fleur de Lis :) Geaux Saints

geauxgirl1 2529 days ago

)Ou will be getting up early a lot once the baby comes for a LONG time! When did u become a Saints fan?? Being from New Orleans and loving the Saints make me LOVE the shirt!

LindaDanielle 2529 days ago

Bethenny please take it easy u work so hard & u travel allot..Ok I'm so happy about u having a baby :) hugs to U have a gr8 day and Enjoy ur breakfast!

Suze66 2529 days ago

Very chic. Lol