Dave Phoenix Farrell


Don't accept cheap imitations... The real Linkin Park bass' player man.

Check out my UFC welterweight champion of the world silk socks...

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2138 days ago

Check out my UFC welterweight champion of the world silk socks...


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Roehl15r 1663 days ago

countermand Hi take a look at 0 http://tinyurl.com/4oz5bjn j

tatilpalways 2122 days ago

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk risos, your socks is very nice KKKKKKK

AndressaLP 2128 days ago


arnela_lp 2136 days ago

haha nice legs :P

LinkinPoke 2137 days ago

XD I'm trying to imagine you, sitting on the floor, taking pictures of your feet... lol

lpbekka 2137 days ago

is it strange that I think I have the same socks? O.o

FanLinkinPark 2137 days ago


AnonymousMama 2137 days ago

Ah-ha. I figured you for a welterweight.

linkin_girl 2137 days ago

sexy feets...♥

GuerreroLP 2137 days ago

Nice Phi!! XD

Fatima_LP_Mike 2138 days ago


TheLPFreak 2138 days ago

lol ur so crazy fee...

Maggots_Sus 2138 days ago

No krásný nohy no :-D

MantisA7X 2138 days ago

Did you sit on the floor just to take a picture of your socks?

Bamur 2138 days ago

hhh aké male nohy!:D:Dsuper ponožky!

Miniki 2138 days ago

Hot legs Phoenix!

mapedregon 2138 days ago

lol. dork

Broken_Figurez 2138 days ago

-___-' my brother wears those Phi! LOL. niice :)

jabbablinkss 2138 days ago

hanes his way lol rofl....

MustaKuu 2138 days ago

white and blue-greyish as sock-colours...nice (not)..XD *hides*