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Check out the feature on me in the Nov issue of WIRED magazine. Love the "Lord of the Flies" pun in the title.

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2381 days ago

Check out the feature on me in the Nov issue of WIRED magazine. Love the "Lord of the Flies" pun in the title.


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oneandonlymason 2379 days ago

hey man - are you on the east coast? i'm the tour manager for a couple of bands and would love to sit and have a coffee/beer/whatever and pick your brain about life on the road from a video game perspective as opposed to from a band world... ?

tiebar90 2380 days ago

i hope i.w. will kick themselves in the balls.

TimEtkin 2380 days ago

i wonder what'll happen when PC sales drop to %40-50?..

tiebar90 2380 days ago

to bad i.w hates pc players.
you screwed yourself i.w

codmapper 2380 days ago

Did you lie to them like you lied to Shacknews, 402?

MikeNeve 2380 days ago

Good one you zilch

Kakashi_David 2380 days ago

Iam a PC Gamer and i dont cancel my Pre Order because i like CoD also without dedicated servers.

Kakashi_David 2380 days ago

Iam a PC Gamer but i dont cancel Pre Order, because i like this awesome game and no dedicated servers will have an effect on my decision! We have to look how will work.

jelescubogdan 2380 days ago

Newsflash: Dear console losers, nobody likes YOU. Move on!

Drjft 2380 days ago

I don't get why everyone worships this guy so much. Notice how he is no longer "Community Manager" because he can't do his fucking job right.

He doesn't make the game, yet you all eat his shit like it's chocolate.

MasterShake35 2380 days ago

NEWSFLASH: Dear PC whiners, Nobody likes you. Carry on.

Lenam909 2380 days ago

IW offer a game with whatever server type they choose, if you don't like their decision don't buy the game. Save your anger for issues that matter; petition for fathers rights rather than what server type a video game uses.

ario_BlaZE 2380 days ago

oh btw, no dedicated = no pc players = IW is shit = all pc fans move on to DICE, BFBC2 and BF2 ftw

jelescubogdan 2380 days ago

that's a lie! they forgot to mention how the "lord of the flies" and the company he works for sometimes betray their oldest fans and most dedicated supporters but hey, who cares about devotion, about pride and about honor these days!?

ario_BlaZE 2380 days ago

ok, now im sick n tired of console 12 year olds calling the PC community "unskilled" or any other bullshit like that
so lets get this straight, it was the pc community that got IW to where they are todday, with COD1 and COD2 in the begining until 360 ca

walletclan 2380 days ago

that's great! congrats.

vstromdek 2380 days ago

My friends, you need to read about who is behind MW2, and why, and what they think about you:

Kakashi_David 2380 days ago

Hey Robert!
First i have to say is that iam a PC Gamer and was angry too about the System! I know most PC Gamer hates Matchmaking, because its like consoles and they dont want to have pc=xbox360=ps3! I played in much CS Clans, and it was very funn

x_GhostOp_x 2380 days ago

plus most of PC gamers are nothing but unskilled god modding players, while some are skilled and play the game how it's supposed to be played.

x_GhostOp_x 2380 days ago

who cares about what PC gamers say they're still going to buy it, what else are they going to do get lives, no.. then that'll be the end of the world!