David Lynch


Filmmaker. Born Missoula, MT. Eagle Scout.

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Here's a picture of my fish.

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1766 days ago

Here's a picture of my fish.


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MasterMahem 1559 days ago

These comments here are a fine catalog of fractured reasoning and inspired delusion. You confuse this odd object for creativity, but I seem to believe it's a harbinger of the awful, terminal fate that awaits us all so very soon... Or it's a cute fishy.

NatalieisSharp 1561 days ago

lol... David won't even tell what the baby is made of, I doubt he's going to start telling us about the fish. My guess would be fixall.

Captain_Cadaver 1563 days ago

Is it made of clay? Porcelain? Mysterious, I need to know! :D

ChuanpitrK 1563 days ago

Even after death, with his red eyes and mouth widely open to the maximum, this fish looks quite arrogant in a way. I can't see his teeth, so can't call him handsome. Anyway, RIP, Mr.Trout, and seek to be reborn asap.

jimlampshady 1563 days ago

You taking the p(h)issh, mate?

DasRoy 1563 days ago

did u fry it? did u eat it? did u throw its bones in the garbage? or did you cremate it? [o_o]

carart65 1593 days ago

...in a second of bewilderment

carart65 1593 days ago

It was happy once.......

JR___ 1648 days ago

You selfish.

The_New_Films 1683 days ago

This is a picture of David Lynch's fish.

Addrienne_Voelk 1699 days ago

I dunno...reminds me of reflective skin.

stardustlizzie 1719 days ago

A Holy Fish Misericordia

Lexslibris 1721 days ago


Juniverses 1744 days ago

Thank you for sharing. I am enjoying this photograph... a lot!

leearrastia 1745 days ago

Hey, that's a good fish!

Diezmartinez 1745 days ago

Where's the fish? Read it at loud with the voice of Terry Jones

Diezmartinez 1745 days ago

Where the fish? (read it aloud with the voice of Terry Jones)

righty_o 1747 days ago

not a happy fish nor a thumbs up fish - it is a dead fish, and for lack of a better word, 'art' - cry for this fish.

righty_o 1747 days ago

this is not a happy fish -nor a fine fish or a fake fish nor a thumbs up fish - this is a DEAD fish everyone! u kno - once living, now dead - for lack of a better word, 'art'..... art imitates life and in this case death.... cry for this fish.

AnneliesDoom 1749 days ago

David, Tonight Museumnight Join the Selected Events for Tonight Chosen out of my Water-Yam Box of George Brecht ... http://twitpic.com/on23f & http://twitpic.com/on1xf & http://twitpic.com/on1re show me what you did!