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2563 days ago


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JasonMaggini 2558 days ago

The fact that Faux News wastes time on this drivel points out how utterly useless they are.

beartrm 2560 days ago

Fox is the home of the lost,scared,hateful masses looking to piss on anything that doesn't smell like crap..and eating up whats left.

johnnydollar01 2560 days ago

Apparently it doesn't matter to anyone that this Fox segment was all about debunking the end-of-the-world stuff. That's Too Much Information when all you want is a cheap shot.

n4ffd 2560 days ago

I hate Faux, and this is stupid, but not WRONG. Many [idiots] DO believe it. I sat next to one at a talk by James Hansen.

davidwees 2561 days ago

Hahaha, this is hilarious. I guess the acronym for NEWS in Fox NEWS is Not Ever Wright Stuff.

dirtygreek 2561 days ago