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claire8D 2333 days ago

omg he was in sweeny todd yay jamie:).x

imshcj_ 2358 days ago

OMG forr meee he is the best for been caius for me he looks so really sexy!! like that and omg i cant continue talking for mee he is sexy sexy! also in the book his hair was white but c,mon is almost white
jamie campbell i love you!

ninjalikestoast 2362 days ago

can i just say :
jamie campell bower=BABE :D

Ace7aguS 2372 days ago

Excelent choice for caius!!! couldn't be more accurate!!! my favourite 3!!! :)

ceciliaschunk 2376 days ago


cupcake10145 2380 days ago

he looks so great

clownie63 2380 days ago

Jamie is SO adorable, but I think they should have made his hair whiter like it's supposed to be, lol.

KathStrossner 2381 days ago

he looks so diferent. I think Caius was creepy... and he don´t scares me

imflavio* 2381 days ago


LuisMontiel 2382 days ago

He no is Caius! Is a bad Caius :/

LuvWeezy7 2382 days ago

I'm so glad he doesn't look like himself. I love Caius but when I heard Jamie was playing him I got disappointed but I guess he doesn't look that bad.

morganw10 2382 days ago

I love me some Jamie!

jessiejo83 2384 days ago

This is nothing at all how i pictured him, I have to see the movie to tell if i like it.

IpekHanim 2384 days ago


Cool_Person123 2385 days ago

I love Cauis but he's mean AND always wanting to fight!

cybely 2385 days ago


kymberlygirl 2385 days ago

love him n all;his eyes!..but personally hate his character hes so mean n always wanna fight.. *urgh*

mari_guimaa 2385 days ago

Caius pura sedução :D //

Gabiita_Ro 2385 days ago

i love caius!! i can not wait

rhawk93 2385 days ago

his weave is TOO CHOPPED OFF! nd where is his ppart! i find it soo hard 2 pay attention when the hair details r off =]