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cla_au 1899 days ago

Mestre *-----------------* DIVO

ImThatDaniGirl 2227 days ago

he is so friggin awesome in the Underworld trilogy

TailofHappiness 2332 days ago

Michael Sheen,u are perfect Aro!!!!!

sleeper9 2368 days ago

ohhh michael sheen.

nessa_brx 2369 days ago

Igualzinho o Aro que imaginei!!!! huashuahsahus

Asianboy97 2376 days ago

Aro looks so cool!!!

cupcake10145 2376 days ago

HE really looks like a leader in this pic!!!

clownie63 2377 days ago

I was skeptical at first when they picked Michael Sheen but he is one of my favorite actors, and I'm falling more and more in love with the idea of him being Aro.

LuvWeezy7 2378 days ago

LOVE! ♥ He was my favorite in the book so his acting better be perfect!

morganw10 2378 days ago

You may be screwing up by letting Rachelle go or shoving the wolfpack down our throats but you did get the Volturi PERFECT.

cathleneyork 2378 days ago

Weird, but I imagined Aro to look like that Marshall Applewhite guy from the Heavens Gate cult. Don't ask me why. IDK.

DeMiley_Twi12 2378 days ago

perfect for Aro!! :D

JazminColombo 2378 days ago

He's perfect for the role!

mizzfit02 2381 days ago

Michael Sheen. Could there be anyone more perfect for the role....

LVN93 2381 days ago

perfect for aro!

AnnieBerryman 2381 days ago

He's perfect! I had imagined him exactly like this:D

Jeskammoniac 2381 days ago

team aro 4ever. i love himmm!!!!!!!

Cool_Person123 2381 days ago

I love Aro, he's awesome!

kymberlygirl 2381 days ago

he doesnt really look fragile or inviting but i guess... love michael sheen though! follow him on twitter

mari_guimaa 2381 days ago

I love Aro, he's the best