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Actor and my wife & I have a foundation for special needs children and to raise awareness to expanded newborn screening.

This is what U.S. troops are dealing with.

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1886 days ago

This is what U.S. troops are dealing with.


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Myst4 1603 days ago

My husband is military and we were very upset at this last election!!! A lot of Military personnel were not happy!! Sad day in America for a lot of us.

TOPDOG6 1829 days ago

He is the worst president in history. He lied about Iraq. More people are losing their jobs now than when Bush was in office. He has no clue!

IAmAtheist 1841 days ago

i'm a moderate democrat, eventhough i voted mccain. this is funny. i am giving obama a chance, but i'm still waiting for action.

ScottBaio 1881 days ago

Daywithdave, No you should actually thank Barry obama for his military service. Not one day served but yet the commander WTF. Makes about as much sense as to hire a foot Dr. to do brain surgery, to the troops abroad.

bapartofmylife 1884 days ago

Sadly true.

crystalyn49 1885 days ago

God Bless our troops...for having to PUT UP WITH THIS!

TXCupCake 1885 days ago

This is sad, yet so true.... God Help us.. Thanks for posting it.

mpillette 1885 days ago

Too funny. Navy ROCKS!!! God bless Gen. McChrystal and all our brave service men and women who are fighting for our freedom (esp our SEALS).

glory2glory76 1886 days ago

" Listen Stan...uh...heres the deal...just because you...uh...graduated West Point....uh"

CavesWoman 1886 days ago

Thanks Scott. :)

sanbrunamo 1886 days ago

From Kenya? Care to back that up Scott? What a disgrace you are.

ChristinaWhippo 1886 days ago

Love it!

sybilll 1886 days ago

"Let Me Make This Clear". I can hear it now.

kurtismarsh 1886 days ago


SMendi 1886 days ago

I am so glad my boy is back, my prayers are with the troops and their families. I don't trust O with our military

jeffstahlhut 1886 days ago

Scott I love that you're such a right-minded conservative. Love it. Where do you get these?

DaysWithDave 1886 days ago

Thank you for your military service Scott. *salute*

DorotaG 1886 days ago

I have to send this to all my army buddies

azbubba 1886 days ago

Too. Funny.