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IMG00012-20091019-1904.jpgBook signing St Louis

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2504 days ago

IMG00012-20091019-1904.jpgBook signing St Louis


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Quasar63 2491 days ago

I have this thing about crowds...

123s 2503 days ago

Good one...
I am in India so I can't attend your lectures or whatever but still U are my inspiration. Thanx for inspiring me.

SeemaSugandh 2503 days ago

nice! xo

doughenley100 2504 days ago

reinvent myself will be valuable, but will they in no way compare to the kindness & generosity & compassion the I experienced from you first hand, as these were experienced in my heart, and in this way I will be able to draw strength from them every day.

doughenley100 2504 days ago

Dr. Chopra, I can never thank you enough for signing the book for me, & permitting the photo, at the end of what must have been a long day for you. I Pray that Christy, Sam, Megan & Nicky will read the book & apply its teachings. The lessons on how to

mzzim 2504 days ago

Great lecture! And there I am 3 rows back, 3rd from left behind the
guy with the dark mustache

Urmila_NL 2504 days ago

You're great Deepak, Maha.....!!!

Snowspirit655 2504 days ago


BoboNoire 2504 days ago

wah? im in stl i didnt hear about you coming!!

PippoRotini 2504 days ago

Good looking crowd. Loks like there are some Deepak Chopra groupies in the front row.

Xaaiil 2504 days ago