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Colin thinks Favre is 'Emotional MVP' of league. Maybe he has a point...

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2416 days ago

Colin thinks Favre is 'Emotional MVP' of league. Maybe he has a point...


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chase5309 2415 days ago

Farve is one of the all-time greatest to play the game but as far as emo goes he is definately can not pull off the guy-liner

Neckbonz 2415 days ago

FARVE is a SELFISH, SELF CENTERED OL MAN. It's all about him....

makebakecake 2416 days ago

do you know how many gray hairs there are under the black???

SpeedDemon3 2416 days ago

This is Farve after he met Marline Manson.

Waterdrinker9 2416 days ago

HAHAHA!!! This will be Favre around week 12.

_adrenalinerush 2416 days ago

That is just creepy. I hope I don't have nightmares tonight.

NYJSportsfan 2416 days ago

What about last year with the jets? He showed no passion, had no chemistry with and alienated himself from his teammates, and couldn't have cared less about that organization. It was "funsies" to him. But now "brett is back" so we just throw everything ou

the_realJK 2416 days ago

actually snosnap couldnt have said it better.. ppl tht say "act like uve been there b4" r the reason baseball sucks now.. theres nothing wrong with showing emotion and passion for the game that has shaped u into the person you are today.. actually more pl

NYJSportsfan 2416 days ago

Actually its quite the opposite. He should act like he's been there before... show some class.

snosnap 2416 days ago

Favre still celebrates touchdowns like it's his first game ever - gotta love that kind of passion.