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x1x2x3x_AE 2468 days ago

i hate those =[

Sane2045 2470 days ago

I have to get more Capri suns! :O
I forgot them during my last trip to the store! T_T

_Alethia 2471 days ago


dakingdan 2471 days ago

Yo hey cysero could you plz add me also theres a bug i found you know when you click on a player and it says their class it says unidentified also plz give me acs also my names dsolder4

Kenichi_Wong 2471 days ago

Ahahaha, oddly enough, it does not, and no my cooler does NOT taste like raw trout and a six pack of Bud. It tastes like raw catfish and a twelve pack of Miller. Bleh, nastiness.

Poptartman234 2472 days ago

yum. not to be mean or call you guys weird people but maybe is the underground lab a basement? just wondering

Cyrogod 2473 days ago

cysero i have a question

SkylineSV 2473 days ago

I still wanna see the underground lab. :D
Just curious you know.

LastArabian 2474 days ago


kinzvlle 2475 days ago

i do not need a new one *keyboerd falls apart*

Bramman111_0001 2475 days ago

nice. i think u need a new keyboard

YamiKakyuu 2476 days ago

Just had a fruit punch one which hands down is the best

kinzvlle 2476 days ago

i hate tjose

CyanAsif 2476 days ago

oh that is historical i actually like it