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For everyone who's been asking, here's how to do the perfect Bear Jew costume.  Happy Halloween!

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2144 days ago

For everyone who's been asking, here's how to do the perfect Bear Jew costume. Happy Halloween!


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Minutes_of_Gore 1682 days ago

Where can you get the dogtags?

SodomyClown 1796 days ago

Pretty bitchin.

Yume_Kai 1797 days ago

I love you so much for this!

bexripley17 1797 days ago

sorry dude already going as a sexy devil ;-)

alucarddvd 1797 days ago


ladestroyer 1797 days ago


JaredWThrash 2132 days ago

ode to you good sir.

sarah_barkai 2140 days ago

It's not a wifebeater! It's a nazibeater...!!! People please, focus!

Kiddo_the_Nerd 2141 days ago

i have everything but the nazi dog tags. needless to say, those are gonna be hard to find this day and age.

rionsriot 2142 days ago

Aces XD I don't think my teeth need any more damage. But kudos.

taralada 2142 days ago


JOBOBEAR 2143 days ago

nom. I like that comment about the... the... uh... slipping my mind... TEETH! yes, teeth! I like that vera much. Very sadistic of you :)

tipsynautical 2143 days ago

Please snap me with the belt. I wish I were joking, I am not.

CassadyD 2143 days ago

bear Jew fur coat is the best part of the costume!

LizzyPaulson 2144 days ago

But yeah, what about boots?

KatNoire 2144 days ago

'Corduroys, bitch' may have replaced 'it's Britney, bitch' in my head xD

omnomnompie 2144 days ago

that just made my day... and its been pretty damn shitty so far.... thanks XD

JaimeeMofo 2144 days ago

I have everything but the dogtags and fur coat!

heyshanna 2144 days ago

This is like science. It does wonder for your imagination. Btw, Basterds just premiered in Indonesia. My friends are in love with The Bear Jew now.

imasockpuppet 2144 days ago

Hmm! I'm tempted to give that a go for Hallowe'en. I'm a small blonde woman, but resourceful dagnabit!