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Actor and my wife & I have a foundation for special needs children and to raise awareness to expanded newborn screening.

Amer. Patriot 2nd Lt. 10th Ind. Cavy. N.Grigsby DOB 1890 - 78yrs at his death

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2560 days ago

Amer. Patriot 2nd Lt. 10th Ind. Cavy. N.Grigsby DOB 1890 - 78yrs at his death


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IAmAtheist 2514 days ago

well, sorry about his luck, dem party is here to stay. i kinda wish sarah palin would run as an independent 2012

DonnaGlaser 2524 days ago

Very interesting! I love old grave markers!

sanbrunamo 2553 days ago

Why won't you address the of your post?

ScottBaio 2554 days ago

Actually YOU should be thanking barry obama for HIS military service. Salute that!!!!`

TySeale 2560 days ago

Excellent pic. And None of what made Republicans better in the 1890s is a part of the Democrat/Socialist party of today! SUCCEED GOP is almost as bad as Dems now, but there are a few good ones. Democrat party was party of Jim Crow Laws, and takes African

sanbrunamo 2560 days ago

Scott, FAIL. Grigsby DIED in 1890. I should mention that every good thing that made the Republicans better in the 1890's is now part of the current Democratic Party.

trinahans88 2560 days ago

I guess it's safe to assume that this person wouldn't have been surprised by the current issues.

MidloDem 2560 days ago

Heh. Spelled fulfillment wrong. For all eternity. That's awesome.

Trpster 2560 days ago

Wow, what a patriot.

DaysWithDave 2560 days ago

Thank you for your military service Scott. *salute*

LinnySmit 2560 days ago

Unfortunately, the MORE things change, the more they stay the same! Everyone needs to see this!! Thanks for posting. Scott!

kurtismarsh 2560 days ago

WOW some things never change #iamthemob