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2502 days ago


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HiImBeef 2275 days ago

*Looks at the "More photos by Cysero"* At first I thought that was a dildo.

HSsai 2385 days ago

... /facepalm why should we care about a toilet?!?!?!?!?!

aqwkillssouls 2459 days ago

Ummm.... Whats the reason for this?

Atlantisrulez 2465 days ago

Took me a little while to get it but now I do... It has teeth!

SShadow_AQW 2475 days ago


lordgod000 2477 days ago

ummmmerrrr......peanut crapper tiolet time!peanut crapper tiolet time!peanut crapper tiolet time! way yah way way

Aqwnaruto7890 2478 days ago

ummmm...a toilet? O.O

SirValor666 2494 days ago

: Gross, just--gross

Kryssaa 2495 days ago

were you by any chance at Safiria's? D:

_Alethia 2496 days ago

may i use your toilet???? >XD

_Alethia 2496 days ago

what is this lol

Colopty 2497 days ago

OK... I would say: It is a toilet including a life lesson!!! It is made to learn people to put the seat down, or get stuck in the toilet all day until someone comes in the end of the day, helps you get out, and realy, you dont want to get saved from a toi

Poptartman234 2497 days ago


Poptartman234 2497 days ago

it bites ur butt!

franc321 2497 days ago

Look He Got A Sharp Tooth^^ Vampire Toilet

SDF_AE 2498 days ago

1 way to die... sit on this toilet.

Thano9 2498 days ago

Hey Cysero long ago when you could obtain founder status Platinum Dragon was avaliable to freebees but disapeared can you make the freebees who bought the platinum dragon back then have a chance to buy it this year?

Greyz2 2498 days ago

Cysero, your but'll get punctured. DON'T SIT ON IT!!!

Greyz2 2498 days ago

:O Scaaaaaaaaaaaary! ;-)

AliQeks 2498 days ago

it's a vampire toilet lolololol