Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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TightGACChica 1564 days ago

DAMN LMAO! What were YOU doing?! Ha ha ha!! ;)

sportiegirl3320 1842 days ago

u look posessed

yeehawcountry 1845 days ago

haha posessed ?

GALOVER1505 1853 days ago

awesome eyes

SPacheco8141982 1854 days ago

i meant nice

SPacheco8141982 1854 days ago

ice contacts aaron your cute when your serious

raymster_k 1867 days ago

love the eyes:) haha aaron is actually kinda serious lol.

MissIndianaJone 1870 days ago

Not photoshop, Im thinking. Looks more like contacts. You can drop about $200 and get yourself a pair of white out/black out contacts, even ones that make you have cat's eyes and spiral iris's. I own a pair of the blackout ones, very cool, very VERY fr

tweeterhannah 1882 days ago

Is this Photoshop or are you posessed....?

BiEbErFaN_4_eva 1885 days ago

woah! lol

JessieMac09 1890 days ago

Dude, thats freaky. but

HopeMSwashere 1891 days ago

lol. WTF u look scary

charlenep 1896 days ago


nick_lover478 1898 days ago

CREEPY but soooooooooooo COOL!!!!!!

ZBForeverx3 1898 days ago

WTF is up with your eyes??? *-*

lego_mego 1903 days ago

ha ha the eye of the tiger! why so serious Aaron?! ha ha ;D

XBaylersX 1916 days ago

love this one! lol

dosbornewhitney 1916 days ago

freaky but wicked eyes....... luv 'em. looking forward to seeing the lockdown

GACFAN2010 1916 days ago

IS IT FRIDAY YET? I am so excited that the waitin is the hard part..IS IT FRIDAY YET?!

LadyDorleac 1916 days ago