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CONGRATS my nagguh!

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2109 days ago

CONGRATS my nagguh!


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TiaMarkie 2077 days ago

Maybe you should've stole Rob's camera. lol.

luciana_san 2099 days ago


SylviaMalamon 2100 days ago

how sweet...good for them

SylviaMalamon 2100 days ago

How sweet...good for them :o)

pepp8 2100 days ago

Congratulations Trent & Mariqueen!!!!!

cybernikki 2101 days ago

had one of those dicktards tell me.. "dont you know who i think i am????"
self explanatory...ultimate douche....

shaner808 2101 days ago

Hey Danny, If You Can Remember Were You Ever In Danville Illinois And Do You Like Jagermeister? I Met Someone Through A Freind A Few Years Back And He Took Me To Meet You You Were At This House It Loked Just Like You And You Offered Me Some To Drink And Y

lady_weetly 2101 days ago

lmfao.... oh my god Danny how do you come up with this stuff??

dannylohner 2101 days ago

(continued) w/some better douche-wigger slurs"

dannylohner 2101 days ago

however... i DO have to admit.... 'nagguh'???? that's the best i could do?....really?????... lame. just recieved my penance from Madam Silverman and i quote: "1. take the horns of your yamaka, 2. say 13 "hail satan's" , 3. go to your room and come up w

dannylohner 2101 days ago

"Methinks "nagguah" is douchanese for "my fellow dicktard." (via some blogging turd burglar who finds celebrity farts 2 b aphrodisiacs?) DISCLAIMER: some of my closest gay and NON gay friends happen to be turd burglars :) HAIL SATAN and HELLO KITTY!

MaddHarliquinn 2101 days ago

I just heard the band was breaking up and now I find out that Trent got married? I didn't even know that he was seeing anyone, much less that NINJA was a farewell tour. That is what I get for not having the internet for a year. I wish him all the best,

grosehd 2101 days ago

new life starting & just maybe a band as well. new songs on the way... right on trent, you deserve it !

HaasanBarclay 2101 days ago


justatwitgirl 2104 days ago

The one time he didn't have to play the keyboards either,lol.

original_andi 2105 days ago

Dude.EVERYONE EVER (that's at least 4 I know of now)got married on my birthday.Congratulations to all of the happy couples out there and all but what's a brother got to do to get a day.

chairyJelie 2105 days ago


omnomnompie 2105 days ago

thanks for sharing this picture Danny! congrats to Trent and Mariqueen all the best!

DebbieFcup 2106 days ago

All the Love in the World - to you both ......... makes me feel all mushy inside. Congratulations, be happy!!!!!!!!!

emilloncarevic 2106 days ago

Congrats Trent and Mariqueen!!!