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photo Bookstore window in LaJolla.jpg My hometown :)

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2234 days ago

photo Bookstore window in LaJolla.jpg My hometown :)


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castlenorthwest 2219 days ago

I loved LaJolla when I visited there with my son and father and now you have written another book for me to grow with. Thank you. Namaste, Teena

PitaVillalvazo 2233 days ago

Under the discipline of exercising/ nurturing our body with healthy/ meditation/ connected to Our Source / contacting with Nature/ that is true, Reinventing the Body is Resurrection for Soul. My next to Read, I love to Read, thank God for you my favorite

PitaVillalvazo 2233 days ago

To Barnes N Nobles to buy your book.
All your books are amazing...Thank You Dr. Deepak!
You are Wisdom :)

beachiegal89 2234 days ago

Congratulations on your new book. I will read it one day. Do you know what? My hubby's home in San Diego is south of LaJolla. He had been there so many times.

geegeelive 2234 days ago

La Jolla is a beautiful place to live. Congrats on your new book. I admire your tenacity.

bahmed73 2234 days ago

nice :) Mr. Chopra, would you like to use our service at to save all your categorized bookmarks? You can also add descriptions to them. We can give you or whichever URL you like. God b

ppelayo 2234 days ago

What a nice hometown!! I've been to La Jolla many a time....beautiful.
Congratulations on your book.

Fox6FanthePoet 2234 days ago

where can I buy this there a website I can go to..??

capriceo0116 2234 days ago

LOVE the book!! Everyone needs to buy it!