music gumbo moves me......hip rock, funk and soul, gonna watch this party grow, let's go!!!!!

Just got off this plane that took us from Lowes 500 show to Rocky Mount NC for our 2nd show today! Travelling in style! Ahh yeah. Thanx NASCAR .

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2648 days ago

Just got off this plane that took us from Lowes 500 show to Rocky Mount NC for our 2nd show today! Travelling in style! Ahh yeah. Thanx NASCAR .


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poopedtwinzmom2 2619 days ago

I know you must have thought you were at 'the ends of the earth' as the scripture refers when you came to Rocky Mount, NC. Thanks for meeting us afterwards, and thanks for your message!

bjh1021 2620 days ago


_JesusFanatic_ 2646 days ago

Beautiful scenery! Looks like God gave you a show while you were preparing for one. :)

TobyMacFreak24 2646 days ago

Hey TobyMac...had a blast at the Rocky Mount concert. Enjoy your week off and have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KBDiverseCitizn 2647 days ago

Thanks be to God for answering our prayers for you guys to have safe travel. Sounds like you were treated right in NC:) This has to be the first show in a 100-150 mile radius that we've missed in 4 years but hey, one out of 20 isn't bad. We started out a

JessMiddour 2647 days ago

Sweet! :)

anitabillion 2648 days ago

TOBY:I was the lady who shock your hand & said hello to the crew in the van..right before you guys got on COACH'S plane at the Concord, NC Airport! So blessed to have met my fellow "JESUS FREAKS"!

BLACKMANCA 2648 days ago

I want to write a song for my daughters I have alot of ideas. It's basically about my past experiences, what I've done for them and holding on to Jesus. It would be awesome if u sung it. My girls love u.

BLACKMANCA 2648 days ago

Sorry I'm having complications with my phone. I wanted to go to SC to see u but being a single parent I couldn't afford to pay for my two girls to. They would have been heart broken if I saw u w/o them. I drove by the speed way and almost had a heart atta

BLACKMANCA 2648 days ago


BLACKMANCA 2648 days ago

Hay Toby you were awesome today.... I was at Lowes Speedway I had the bonafide Jesus freak shirt on. I didn't know who u were until I moved to this area they have a decent Christian radio station here. When I first heard it I was taken back. What in the w

EdumaktdBlonde 2648 days ago

I love the cold!! I'd never got that close in one of your concerts.. about 10 feet from the stage! one day I'll meet you!! lol =)

ru4unc 2648 days ago

Sitting in the crowd, bout 10 rows from stage, listn' to sound check, waiting on you and Diverse City in the cold at Wooten Farm! Or should I say hick-town?

angelstars1 2648 days ago

Wow . Some busy foot travelin' ya doing . Nothing though to " lose your sole " over . LOL

drgordis 2648 days ago

Come to Fl...!

DaisyPJs63 2648 days ago

Are ya part of the "Jet Set" now ?!? ;) Have a great show Toby keep blessing many lives!

pursuitjrm 2648 days ago

I will be at the show in Rocky Mount!