It begins with me covered in sperm, trapped in my old man's balls. Then, suddenly... ESCAPE!

DICKS! I am eating you by the fistful! Be in my mouth!

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2443 days ago

DICKS! I am eating you by the fistful! Be in my mouth!


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Sunset_Starfish 2443 days ago

i love that u love Dicks... i think u are part Seattleite. AWESOME~

Amacova 2443 days ago

I only see a car

bluekamakanani 2443 days ago

Ahh Dicks.... How I miss your hot, juicy, greasy meat in my mouth.... and the thick, creamy white (vanilla) shakes....

kaitechnolust 2443 days ago

IS that poor girl in an oven?

avshomerx 2443 days ago

I would guess she maybe the only one who knows who you are. LOL

ppivyleaf 2443 days ago

Just last night my roommates and I were carrying on about Dicks puns...I think we hit about 15 Dick Smacking good ones... Classic

RosakaM 2443 days ago

Me thinks my bf and I will go there before your show.

SongOfBilly 2443 days ago

The girls smiling must of just started working there,,
Or she just did a trash run and smoked some killer kush!!

kishafloren 2443 days ago

Dicks is one of the many reasons Seattle is far superior to all other cities.

Ipomoea911 2443 days ago

Dicks Deluxe + fries + chocolate shake = HEAVEN.