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Actor and my wife & I have a foundation for special needs children and to raise awareness to expanded newborn screening.

Frightening isn't it?

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2717 days ago

Frightening isn't it?


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IAmAtheist 2670 days ago

actually what russia and china had was not communism, it was totalitarianism. and yes, it is scary.

IAmAtheist 2670 days ago

i'm actually a marxist (only a utopian dream, though), so I'm not all that against communism (not totalitarian like russia and china had), but socialism is just like totalitarianism, a few elite telling everyone else what to do.

CavesWoman 2710 days ago

LOL Scott. You should just ignore him. In the grand scheme of things, what does that twitterer matter?

ScottBaio 2710 days ago

Actually a lot of people get misquoted. For example YOU misquoted ME about calling barry a shitfuck. The truth is; MY WIFE called barry a shitfuck. So maybe YOU should stop misquoting people. *Salute*

cat0407 2712 days ago

You guys should be here in Australia,,,,,Our leader is scarier believe me...Not too sure what is going to happen to the free world

sanbrunamo 2716 days ago

Scott, Kruschev never said that You should be frightened by those who lie to you.

ShanaEMalone 2716 days ago

who wastes their life running a blog dedicated to what club Lindsay Lohan was spotted at or who Paris Hilton is currently sleeping with, I"m not surprised.

ShanaEMalone 2716 days ago

How ignorant of you to assume all of Scott's fans would be leftist to even be alienated. And how narrow minded of you to not be able to still be a fan of someone because they have a different opinion than you. But coming from someone who w

Stamper58 2716 days ago

It's getting closer to this every day!!

roosterpisces 2717 days ago

And 50 years later the cluckin' chickens come home to roost in DC. CLUCK!

Teribssn 2717 days ago

We need to contact all our repesentatives, NOW! We can't wait until the next election!

ConTchr 2717 days ago

Rock on, good Scott. Glad 2 be riding da Conservative Bus wit u.

RocketmanBob 2717 days ago

Dude! This is such an apt and arresting poster. I'm going to shamelessly steal it and post it on my blog. Do you want a link? Regards-Bob

sharon_l_stone 2717 days ago

There is nothing more frightening than the past evil spoken becoming the present.All we can do is pray for our leaders-for a God change of heart and mind.

licitysplit 2717 days ago

looks like someone is givin us a test run on this

DaysWithDave 2717 days ago

If that's your angle nopemonger you could actually use a real quote. "Hitler did some great things." - Glenn Beck, 2007

strangebee 2717 days ago

It's not a Right or Left thing. They are all priming us for some good juicy stuff. We are all just products to them... including you,Scoot.

nixielou 2717 days ago

Verrrrry frightening! I think we need to rachet up our efforts to stop this insanity! Good to hear you on Glenn Beck the other day. Proud of you. Keep up the good work!

lyerbot 2717 days ago

Um, I’ve got news 4 U, George Dubya has already destroyed Ur Economy, by unrestrained greed on wall street. Plus the cost of two(2) bogus never-ending wars U people R still asleep. Obama is NO Socialist.