Eddie Izzard


I'm a British European, I think like an American and I was born in an Arabic country

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1933 days ago


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ricardian2005 1928 days ago

ooooooooh looking good considering......very interesting would have thought a lot worse bellisima xxx

EmmaJayBarn 1930 days ago

Mine were the same saturday night/sunday morning!

jjournitz 1930 days ago

One pair of ruby slippers, coming up.

SnappingOrchid 1931 days ago

Okay, now go soak your feet in a bucket of Lysol or Listerine. You're going to come down with some horrible new foot condition and they'll end up naming it after you. "Izzarditus" maybe. Then you'll be sorry.

riffraffmanor 1931 days ago

Gawd - you look like a tramp!

Radiop1 1931 days ago

Impressively un-grubby for 11+ miles thru NYC. Playing drums barefoot OK, walking on beach barefoot OK, not distance running. Bad 4 knees.

ellejay015 1931 days ago

Eddie I love it that you are just that crazy!

diwilk 1931 days ago

Ouch. Sore

LadyPrintmaker 1932 days ago

Ouch. Those are some weary soles

squirmysquirrel 1932 days ago

You know, it's not as bad as I would've expected. well played NYC, well played...

babybluekat 1932 days ago

Eddie, your pics are gorgeous!!Especially the pussy and the butterfly..never seen anything as brilliant as that butterfly. Poor, poor feetsies!! Hope they're better soon.

sexiemoxie 1932 days ago

so i guess you're native american name is "runs without shoes"...
saw believe in los angeles this week...bravo!

pamelakoller 1932 days ago

Now I know why my oldest sons like you.

newenglandjenn 1932 days ago

I'm trying to figure out how you contorted yourself to take this...

maddyash 1932 days ago

hoofs man u got hoofs

Emily_Emeralds 1932 days ago

Agh, eddie, why must you always post pics of your feet and infected toes? I'd much rather see your face hahaha

poshies_mom 1932 days ago

Ew! Eddie! I certainly hope your feet will be a lot cleaner when I see you at the Echo Arena on the 1st November - can't wait.

FancyGirlSB 1932 days ago

NYC Health Dept will probably want to swab those for future studies. GROSS!

god_why_me 1933 days ago

Ouch. Yuck. :)

whiplash33 1933 days ago

Ouch!!!!!! is all I can say it was cold today!