#papercutchronicles2 coming soon.

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1799 days ago


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Geenuino 1787 days ago

Travie on guitar! *O* #OMFG

am_eshaaa 1794 days ago

ouu lala. you boys are beauty! thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou.

mmanalan 1798 days ago

amzing night!!! they all looked so tired...but they still did this at the end of the show. gch is awesome! cant see me but thats my heart in the crowd!

stephiee15 1798 days ago

you guys are the best! it was amazing to be part of the video!

glojeane 1798 days ago

ahhh you cant see me bc i believe i was right below this person playing paparazzi hahah. i love random gch missions. always pleasant surprises.

bunnieLUV 1799 days ago

yeah. you can't see me.

thisisnelly 1799 days ago

this was really last minute. it's ok i'm 5'3" and gave up even trying to be in it lol (too short)

BreezyCloud 1799 days ago

your words alone cheered me up =]]..yea i kinda figured..i just had no idea it was at ucirvine..i woulda been there! thank you..hero is ADORABLE btw

leslievette 1799 days ago

aggh i could've been in the video with my Live a Little tat : ( so sad

thisIScherry 1799 days ago

So this is what this looked like.

SisterBLUEJAY 1799 days ago

wth it cut off my comment the rest said ...and I know Disashi wanted to have all of the fans with Live a little tats in it to but there wasnt any time :( HUGSS B

SisterBLUEJAY 1799 days ago

dont be sad it was a surprise or else you know Hero and I would of been there

BreezyCloud 1799 days ago

im pretty pissed you guys didnt really say nothing about it..i would have been there in a heart beat!!!!!!!! im sad too ! lol