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you do your Friday night and I will do mine

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2652 days ago

you do your Friday night and I will do mine


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BigJbird827 2389 days ago

you knit, thats weird i thought i was the only one who is crazy enough to do that

sugarandchaosme 2644 days ago

You should sing and make sweaters for our band. :-)

__btts__ 2651 days ago

Something purple!, cool! :P

OfficialDoubleR 2651 days ago

Looks like a very productive Friday night. :-)

Natas_Hell 2652 days ago

i dont know to knit ¬¬ , i suck >_

fizzlepopchick 2652 days ago

did you make a scarf?

Daniel_Kurtz 2652 days ago

Did you just kill Grimmace???

yikesagoo 2652 days ago

that yarn is a beautiful color!

IBringtheFlavor 2652 days ago

Nerd alert!

HyperPattyG 2652 days ago

that's looks so good! I wish I knew how to knit...

safashiongirl 2652 days ago

I love knitting, it's fun.

poeticchris84 2652 days ago

Looks like your Friday night was more productive then mine..I spent the whole night tryin to figure out what to do now im sittin here bored outta my mind Saturday morning still tryin to figure out what to do

thefirstpancake 2652 days ago

love it.

margasaur 2652 days ago

Yes! my mom would be proud XD

MuhReeYah_ 2652 days ago

Bad Ass.

debbiexiong 2652 days ago

ha! i get it now...u knit that! at first, i was like...what are you DOING on a Friday night..."rug-muncherrr?!" Whaaa??? anyway, my mind is outta the gutta now. Good Job! A+

Griff1710 2652 days ago

First of all, you knit better than my Grandma. Is this a scarf or a blanket?

mara_nerdgirl 2652 days ago

Seed stitch! :)

Abbie__ 2652 days ago

Pretty... Better than what I can do.

StereoForBrains 2652 days ago