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I came. I saw. I tweeted.

How sick is this!?

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1929 days ago

How sick is this!?


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44BrianG 1920 days ago

Very cool----will definitely see it!

tropang_kaps 1924 days ago

hmm...i do't know what to say....

ainsleylee 1925 days ago

aha! you kinda think your a legend ayy
you kind of are...but if your not your still pretty hot :)

silvio_san3 1925 days ago

Love it! I loved the poster tottaly!

EmmaBlahh 1926 days ago

ΨΨΨ Imma stab yo eye out ΨΨΨ

EmmaBlahh 1926 days ago

ΨΨΨ Imma stab yo eye out ΨΨΨ

smevangelista16 1926 days ago

Love it!

justdelia 1926 days ago

Hottie... (:

dancemeaway 1926 days ago

I totally agree with you.I mean no offense but the trident looks totally fake.I'm just saying

Whispermaw 1926 days ago

Cool beanies...love your expression still iffy on the hood thing though. But heck Percy is such a wanna be badboy, so you can make him 'bad' as ya want, eh? The splashes around the Empire State Building look bad though... super photoshopped! Can't wait to

isaisaisa1 1927 days ago

haha thats so cool! :) but aren't you supposed to be playing a 12 year old? Becasue you don't really look 12... :P

isaisaisa1 1927 days ago

haha that's so cool! :) but aren't you supposed to be palying a 12 year old? CAuse you don't really look 12 in that picture :P

samyconcesso 1927 days ago


celestine69 1927 days ago

wow omg that is so hot
id so do you :P

Griz2012 1927 days ago

Oh wow. You look hot :D

TheHersheys22 1927 days ago

wow! it is sick! i love it! Logan u look so HOT!

TheBookBabe 1928 days ago

I love these books (: I'm soo glad yall are making a movie.
Your a perfect Percy, though i must say you look much older than a 6th grader.
Good picture though (:

CocoCaplinger 1928 days ago

ooooh nice Trident!

dancnthrulife12 1928 days ago

you look like such a b.a with the trident thinnng

caosarmonico 1928 days ago

nice trident! lol