Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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1746 days ago


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vt09grl 1232 days ago

Haha watched all of those the other night...I loved them all

sportiegirl3320 1661 days ago

wow u take a lot of random pix dnt ya lmao

kidzhottopics 1668 days ago

omg its u o yea i saw that i riped ur pic out and kissed it

Madi_sftbl2012 1670 days ago

haha i was reading this at my grandmas and was like "ahh ahh thats zak thats zak" and she was like "whos zak your boy friend?" " no grandma no... i wish" LOL

ittybittytwit 1705 days ago

Hah how appropriate for your article to be next to Jaycee Dugard's horrifying ordeal. Wasn't she in a scary house of her own?? *raises eyebrow*

vala_666 1743 days ago

woo congrats on the article thats awesome! please come to australia and check out the paranormal activity!! especially in adelaide. :)

vala_666 1743 days ago

ahhh awesome!! hey please come to australia and check out the paranormal activity, especially in adelaide!! :)

rudyorton 1744 days ago

hey zak ho wu been i wnat to tell u this i can also see ghost i got one in my room his is owen hart in i recored of it of owen hart

MWKvanessa 1745 days ago

OH! i see you on the Great Ideas side!! =D

MKBaughan 1745 days ago

That's pretty cool....

DerbyGirl124 1745 days ago

hey is that the new issue? because i soooooo want to get that one now!

arciegonzalez 1745 days ago

I Wanna Thankk You A Million!! My Home Town Of Tombstone,Arizona!!

Bird Cage Theater is The Awesome-EST Place Ever!!

Arizona Loves You Guys :)

Merci Mon Cherie!!

The Town Too Toughh To Diee!!

ShyMyArse 1745 days ago

Ya'll just keep moving on up! Proud of ya!

ayerimRod 1745 days ago

+++CONGRATS you guys deserve it+++...!!!
you guys should go to mexico there're a lot of hunted places in GUADALAJARA! =).....

tobeliketheysay 1745 days ago

That is, everything on my copy's cover is flip flopped.

tobeliketheysay 1745 days ago

That's weird. On my copy of this issue everything on the left side of your copy is on the right side of mine and vice versa.

eatenword 1745 days ago


jojo880 1745 days ago

Congrats! Yay high 5! :)

StrawberryaYum 1745 days ago

Congratulations You Guys! You Guys seriously do deserve this~
Definitely watching the Live October Event!!!! Love You Zak!

pili74527 1745 days ago

Congrats on your hard work!