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2084 days ago


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believebeloved 2049 days ago

A nightmare before Christmas

missmelon 2054 days ago

this photo will give me nightmares.

tombutwin 2077 days ago

Veego from Ghostbusters 2?

ilyiodream 2078 days ago

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice.............Beetlejuice

elecarter 2082 days ago

Bear... Russian bomb, advises all the time, if it is valuable then should be charge. Phones, rings, bells, cars, crashes, airplains, people, chemistry, atraction, atomos, death an life. Beautiful. Love everyone for today, because tomorrow it is another ti

dmbstar 2082 days ago


sydneywild 2083 days ago

Come on come on make my day

glaughlin 2083 days ago

I like it! I imagine you're thinking, "come on, just try it! I'd love to see you try it!" Whatever 'it' is...

crashintomedave 2083 days ago


desvai 2084 days ago

an einstein moment?

blackbear09 2084 days ago

Man, something like the joker. Awsome as always. Have a great weekend. Thanks for all. Say Hi and sen hugs to your family from Brasil. We are still dreaming about Sept. concerts. Amazing. Love & light ... later.

Smittay 2084 days ago

dude -- clowns make me nervous, it makes me nervous that you like them, i like you -- but not the clowns, grinch in tub was best with eyes of fire lol

DavesJoyfulGirl 2084 days ago

If they ever recast 'Young Frankenstein", you can be Igor. (knee slapper)

emgadee 2084 days ago

hmm...a clown in the aftermath of a week-long bender?

Marmalade_Skies 2084 days ago

holy hell man.. one too many hits in the head by the snake ehh?? haha

wiveswitches 2084 days ago

You look like a lunatic. Look like you gone & lost it.

filmtress 2084 days ago

"Dancing with the Devil Round a fire! Look into my eyes and I give you nightmares, Never mind tinkerbell nightlight, she's unplugged and gettin' eaten too! I aint never YO cornbread & I'm open to all flavors!

azdmblvr 2084 days ago

YIKES!!! Phew...scared me for a minute there. Such a pretty face in a way scary place.

TracyA72 2084 days ago

this is great. thank you for granting my request for a twit pic. even though you didn't directly say so. my spirits were lifted!! XO

lucky2bjes 2084 days ago

u look happy, cheerful......full of joy