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2477 days ago


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yarai15 2474 days ago

While all the cast is going to be at the LA Premire on Nov. 16th, I'm going to be celebrating my Birthday-definitly with a cake like this one!!!!!!!! I think is the best I have scene!!!!! REALLY BEAUTIFUL!!! ;)

xinsualite 2474 days ago

OMG! this is amazing!

LisaLoveH 2475 days ago


aNGELdb 2477 days ago

OMG!, thats it!im going to get a cake like this! :D, but maby 3 off them :P
one the volturi, and the other quileute :D

caquelin_52 2477 days ago

My Birthday's eight days after the movie comes out. I want this cake!

Laken93 2477 days ago

Awesome cake! I want!

Sammie_joe22 2477 days ago

wow that looks really good

Dangerousxirena 2477 days ago

OMG!! is very nice

PeEa89 2477 days ago

looks really good, the one who eats that, eat some for me too!!

Anaya23Sierra 2477 days ago

Love it!!

VaMpiR3_LuV3R 2477 days ago

OMG dat is so cool!!! Team Cullen!!! I

tamaraculllen1 2477 days ago

that's AWESOME!!! go team edward!

ItsDeDeTweet 2477 days ago

that looks wow!!! Team Cullen all the way is awesomeee

ClaudiaMonene 2477 days ago

Wow! I'm impressed...and hungry

TheMoopLovesMe 2477 days ago

Ooh so want it for my birthday

RockstarEm19 2477 days ago

this is wayy cool!

gabrielawey 2477 days ago

i'm with the vampires, of course. AWWWWWWWWN LOVE IT

quelcullen 2477 days ago

oO The perfect cake!! So cool !!

Liehnahr 2477 days ago


whoisEG 2477 days ago