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pretty cool, right? what an experience.

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2390 days ago

pretty cool, right? what an experience.


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drkateatkinson 2385 days ago

Very Cool! Of course my office is still in awe of having the famous Dr Gupta visiting with us this summer.

SeemaSugandh 2386 days ago

Conan is my idol... I kid you not. Would love to have seen the interview. Is it on YouTube?

robertdcohen 2386 days ago

http://tinyurl.com/yj8zx64 -- My wife's amazing story

1bookie 2386 days ago

I was 23 having emerg. surgery. Went into cardiac arrest, was floating toward light in corner of rm. felt like i was spinning,a beautiful feeling tho. I don't remember seeing anyone, just that beautiful light. and at that moment i felt total happiness and

karibamoko 2386 days ago


billh71249 2387 days ago

the white light is so warm and inviting

cavalava 2388 days ago

I saw my sister look at me and smile after she died...I was only 4

marmg1227 2388 days ago

i was five yrs. old and had baterial meningitis. i had a cardiac respiratory arrest. i remember being very hot. my mom said i had a 105 fever. i was standing at the bottom of a hill looking up at jesus on the cross .there flames of fire around the cross.

happylife72 2388 days ago

I had the most fascinating experience and I am in the process of writing my own book because what I went through was so different from everything that I read so far.

ireporttwo 2388 days ago

I heard angels sing to me when I took chemo.

lengrady75 2388 days ago

I wet my bed as a child. I was awakened by a noise from a VERY real dream about going to the bathroom, only to to find myself wetting my bed. Our brain can incorporate reality into dreams. There humans go again, weaving god into something they do not u

girlgottaride 2388 days ago

My grandfather had a death cheating experience. It is very interesting since he was always an old New Englander. A nonsense , strict kinda guy. While he was dead he came to a beautiful nature scene. Mountains , river etc. As he walked toward the river

SusanVarsames 2389 days ago

Congrats on the new book...so happy for you

vasulnicket 2389 days ago

sryy dats lage** not mage**

vasulnicket 2389 days ago

woow...its really cool...
mage raho munna bhai:D

Txlibrarianmom 2389 days ago

yes I do have to say...awesomeness..

elargee 2389 days ago

Wow!! So cool Doc!

ploie 2390 days ago

Wow, the MD is in the house. Cool new moon icon ;-)

Silenthummer 2390 days ago


KsearchC 2390 days ago

Wow..yea real coool !