Curiosity Rover


NASA's latest mission to explore the surface of Mars. Roving the Red Planet since Aug. 5, 2012 (PDT) (Aug 6 UTC).

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2478 days ago


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skydreem 2460 days ago

wow this is an amazing picture:)

ronquillo2 2464 days ago

your missing some pixels (down right)

KittyMew 2469 days ago

It looks silver..

bloc_de_sel 2474 days ago

looks like dinosaur skull

Haruhi40 2475 days ago

Some kind of melted plastic or metal??

sneaker98 2478 days ago

: No, it's shiny because it went through Mars' atmosphere, same as a meteoroid that has gone through Earth's. The only difference is that there would be less friction, since the atmosphere of Mars is thinner. Sandblasting or iron content doesn

EddieKrueger 2478 days ago

oh, and no surface water or rain to erode it quicker too!

EddieKrueger 2478 days ago

prolly cuz it has a ton of iron in it and its been sandblasted for who knows how long.

roveg 2478 days ago

looks like silly putty

robdotcom71 2478 days ago

Why is it so shiny?

geo_liu 2478 days ago

looks like cement!