Chris Packham


Naturalist and BBC broadcaster

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2567 days ago

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pattyp49 2557 days ago

my how they've grown :)

sqeekyjojo 2563 days ago

Poodle Moai. Excellent.

crowlo01 2563 days ago

Two beautiful dogs. Well posed Itchy and Scratchy!.

Bilton115 2563 days ago

I love this photo - wish I had taken it ;-)

MazP 2563 days ago

nice line in garden statuary ;)

GreenfieldGreen 2564 days ago

wow i really love that. If they were my dogs i would have that one on the wall.

maewhite246 2564 days ago

they look quite majestic

Million_Moments 2564 days ago


Brain_error 2565 days ago

love the silhouette, the colour of the sky & the fact they look in oposite directions. bit more focus would've been amazing :)

sisterphonetica 2565 days ago

I love the poodle boys! I wonder what they can smell.

hillysj 2566 days ago

Lovely photo

cstreek 2566 days ago

Exceptional sky ... poodles?!

Schnauzerlover 2566 days ago

What a fantastic photo - just a shame it's of poodles - ha ha only joking love 'em really!

ElPowero 2567 days ago

Very regal.

TheDailySpleen 2567 days ago


MelodyShine 2567 days ago

Great Poodles they are very handsome dogs and this photo shows off their proud heads beautifully. Sunset gorgeous.

Bluewalc 2567 days ago

Do a squint check!!!

pinkpebs 2567 days ago

haha very artistic but THEY ARE STILL POODLES!

digbythedog 2567 days ago

Absolutely beautiful. Which one is which?

VickiHuckle 2567 days ago

gorgeous photo