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oh the joys of having an energy efficient laptop!

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2510 days ago

oh the joys of having an energy efficient laptop!


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kinzvlle 2509 days ago

so this how you tweet from the prison

Ropun_TSD 2509 days ago

I just keep my laptop plugged in on ac power.

CyanAsif 2509 days ago

Same here i have a new Hp pavilion dv3 and it it the best energy efficient laptop i had

Cairofairo 2510 days ago

I don't have a laptop so HA!

MrSebi 2510 days ago

Lol better than mine, my laptops brand new and it wont last more than 1 1/2 hours

Eonaleth 2510 days ago

Mines last for about 2 hours before I have to plug it in. It's about 2 years old and runs just fine for me most of the time.

Lady_Adella 2510 days ago

Gets about the same amount of time; Brilliant!

Lady_Adella 2510 days ago

Here! Here! I second the Notion! Mine sits on my lap atop a TV Stand!

GriefAE 2510 days ago

mine's only an hour. Stupid Acer/Vista combo. :c

ShadowAE 2510 days ago

Mine is about that as well :/

Trog_AE 2510 days ago

Ha. Mine shuts off right as you unplug the AC adapter.

dillonmerrittAE 2510 days ago

haha! XD so is this good or bad? O_O?

Avgg_AQW 2510 days ago

:D, my comp sucks :(

WeenAFK 2510 days ago