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1649 days ago


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Sane2045 1639 days ago

I also have a love for candy + playing with my food :D

SirValor666 1639 days ago

So...good...I...LOVE SKITTLEZ

SirValor666 1639 days ago


TheMagicUpdater 1640 days ago

should protest for a blue skittle.

SlyCooperFan 1640 days ago

You guys do know that they're Skittles...XD I agree with flame, the government took the blue ones so only THEY could taste the rainbow!

AQWUser 1641 days ago

those arent M&Ms :P

look they have a S on them

AQWBlueOx 1646 days ago

HAHA I stole your M&M for my collection of all things blue. :3

Avgg_AQW 1646 days ago

*gives cyero a blue MnM is that good enough?

DragonTale2 1646 days ago

:O those jerks they didnt put in blue! that is soo not a rainbow

Robot_Tweets 1647 days ago

How dare they.... /cry

Slendrix_ 1647 days ago

oh yeah..always wondered where the blue ones went lol

hunt70 1648 days ago

I'm sure the rainbow tastes terrible anyway.

phantomangel1 1648 days ago

mmmm rainbow

kinzvlle 1648 days ago

maxmissle ate them all

redfinale 1648 days ago

Generically, you need Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet to taste the rainbow.

aeroditheus 1648 days ago

Maximillian will allow you to have all the colors except BLUE! Oh the agony! Free Cysero!

Walker_of_Death 1648 days ago

Go grab Blues from the interdimensional portal and put him at the top of the pyramid. Solves two problems that way! =P

Cairofairo 1648 days ago

*Whisltes* Of course I didn't eat it. *Continues whistling*

nearoae 1648 days ago


AQW_Serpente 1648 days ago

Pink is best =)