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I see political people... (Retweets do not imply endorsement.)

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2685 days ago


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zn_moment 2532 days ago

The food looks good and healthy; and the comments about the food are not. This approach is making us an obese nation.

teritaylorking 2674 days ago

Rachel, here in Arkansas (I miss New Jersey) just eat fried anything, helps with insurance companies, to deny you because too much fried food in your diet a pre-existing condition!

juanpacardenas 2681 days ago

Dios mio! Que ser espacial cocinaste?

emilykayjones 2682 days ago

what the crap is that? :-P

goodboyo 2682 days ago

Looks like a bowl full of good intentions LOL. Love you too much Rachel, hope you're feeling better.

zeekness 2682 days ago

awww rach honey, the greens don't look so bad...but now the maggots, are those for protein;-]

madlou 2682 days ago

what exactly are we looking at? stick to tea and toast.

eyesaid 2683 days ago

Was this picture taken before or after you ate it?

ilagardien 2683 days ago

chop a small onion, two carrots, two stalks of celery, one zucchini... garlic sautee all for about 10 minutes, add water, add half a can of tomatoes... oregano salt and pepper cook... simmer with lid shut - the most basic minestrone. extras include a can

artwmn 2683 days ago

oh dear god, tell me you didn't eat this?!?

DebraDeAngelo 2683 days ago

OK, that is truly gross. If you weren't sick before you ate it, you will be afterward. I will teach you how to cook. Just say the word!

BadGurl404 2684 days ago

Do yourself and the rest of us a favor, Rach. Let Susan take care of you (and, yes, that includes the cooking).

marmalademaggi 2684 days ago

sweet bowl though.

Jamethial 2684 days ago

Is that supposed to be stir-fry? >3< If you ever need easy recipes for your dinner, send me a note. :D

twilightmommyx3 2684 days ago

I hope you feel better. Ill have to send you a simple soup recipe. Please don't starve.

HusarO 2684 days ago

Chicken Soup w/lots of garlic in it and Acai juice - it'll cure what ails you!

aikiverse 2684 days ago

When I'm sick I make this soup: 2 boxes of chicken broth. Bring to a boil and then add, chopped up chunks of chicken (white or dark) and fresh chopped: carrots, shitake mushrooms, and ginger (fine!). Add pea pods when carrots are just about done and chick

DominicTheCat 2684 days ago

My mom makes fantastic chicken soup that will cure you. Want some? I can ask her to take a bus down from Southbury, CT to cook for you.

patty_bray 2684 days ago

Gross. I have a few simple cookbooks I bought for my son. Where can I send them to you. Please. You need HELP!Your greatest fan, Patty Bray

corine_reis 2684 days ago

It looks "super dégoûtant" as we say in France!