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the quarter is no match for the king of the amphibans!

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2029 days ago

the quarter is no match for the king of the amphibans!


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DigitalX_AK 2027 days ago

No idea how big a quarter is, but that frog looks tiny ^^

Imabandaid2 2027 days ago

Yeah, What Shadow said :D

Robot_Tweets 2028 days ago

Isn't that my quarter? >=O

scott0124 2028 days ago

i want that frog as a pet it is sooo kool lookin

Brega_AE 2028 days ago

i want it!

_Alethia 2029 days ago


AliQeks 2029 days ago

i thought it was a rock (lol)

ShadowAE 2029 days ago

Aww, Froggeh is so cuet! :D

Crystal_Lion 2029 days ago

That's the tiniest toad I've ever seen!

Flame80010 2029 days ago


GermainGM 2029 days ago

Looks like its going to eat it.

Sam_Wicks 2029 days ago

quarter: YOU SHALL NOT PASS camo frog: RIBBIT *jumps over quarter*
quarter: awww man not again XD

Cairofairo 2029 days ago

He looks angry at the coin xD

Legnave_FEZero 2029 days ago

Gotta level up to a dollar coin!

Arkeyus_FTG 2029 days ago

News Just in: Highly camoflagued toad inavades houses to steal peoples quarters . Victims so far: Beleen from Artix Entertainment

McShmoopie 2029 days ago

The Killer Froggie "shall give no quarter." LoL

WebbAE 2029 days ago

=O Oh teh noez!

Bolterpackers 2029 days ago

Oh noes! Not the quarter!

pmk138_AQW 2029 days ago

Did it get eated?