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IMG00022-20091013-1911.jpg Book launch in NY

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2014 days ago

IMG00022-20091013-1911.jpg Book launch in NY


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jayfarquhar 2014 days ago

To know that so many people are there to listen to you must be re affirming.Your definitely not alone in the crowd. Congrats.Lovely Pic.

LoveYouMJ 2014 days ago

Wow, you're very brave - so many people! :) Great picture

Kimpga01 2014 days ago

Aaaahhh, so this is what it feels like. I like it. Congrats on your new book release. Hope Kansas City will be on your book tour.

authorweareone 2014 days ago

love it xoxo

miradubitskij 2014 days ago

Extremely beautiful picture anyway. Made my day. thank you.

miradubitskij 2014 days ago

MinkPinkowitz, that's a very strong opinion. I like your comment , I could have said something like that myself. only I've met a few genuine priests and the essence of christianity... quite beautiful I'd say. Men för helvete, I hear you.

SophiaTara88 2014 days ago

Very Cool pic! I love the gentle rays of light above your head ~ it's as if you are seeing the audience through them. Very symbolic ~ Deepak the Light Bearer :)

reneinspires 2014 days ago

I saw you taking that pic & it made me giggle. =o) twitter is great!

MinkPinkowitz 2014 days ago

I believe that is Riverside Church.
What a crowd. Imagine if the churches of the world were filled with men and women like Deepak instead of preachers and priests. Maybe in 100 years. Keep the beautiful building and remove the religion.

mcubedconcepts 2014 days ago

...but not a better speller - that was supposed 2 read, "...a better [person]." :)

mcubedconcepts 2014 days ago

Congratulations, Dr Chopra, & thank u 4 ur generous, selfless sharing of ur knowledge, wisdom & love. I believe u've helped make me a better peson. I feel very gr8ful. Namaste. :)

fuzzyscorpio 2014 days ago

What a lovely setting, so sorry to miss--but it looks like there wouldn't have been room for me anyway! A packed house!

beachiegal89 2014 days ago

Wow! This place looks nice.

cmhill 2014 days ago

Truly wish I was there.

felipenunesb 2014 days ago

wot a pleasure!

__999__ 2014 days ago

you are an enlightened person ... literally speaking!

isaberabera 2014 days ago

is that a church? for your book launch? massive crowd. congratulations!

LaurenNoelleLV 2014 days ago