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My real parents at the Museum of Natural History

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2653 days ago

My real parents at the Museum of Natural History


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Shazzan76 2564 days ago

the photo show honors the "family jewels"

Exoriflower 2635 days ago

Omg! Shannon, u take some hell of a pic!

TheKevinWallace 2649 days ago

People just don't realize what we, as Canadians , have to do to keep warm

RaspberryFrosty 2653 days ago

When was this taken???

Plainjane54 2653 days ago

I don't see the family resemblance.

ChrissyLoco 2653 days ago

LOL too funny..hey Kim I don't think that's Gene..he is wearing a white jacket

parsleypeeps 2653 days ago

Oh!! Quick QUESTION?? IS that your boyfriend in the reflection to the LEFT? Just curious & observant? PEACE! xo

HotlantaPeach 2653 days ago

Can you say penis implant?

parsleypeeps 2653 days ago

Has MOM had her BREAST exam lately? And POP...well Being JEWISH must of existed even WAAYYY BACK THEN! ROFLMAO!!

WhiteyZin 2653 days ago

New York has it all, and they even walk down 5th Ave. Man...Wz

gonecrazy32 2653 days ago

I can relate to the small droopy boobs,maybe we're related&I just got the shitty end of the "Gene's"
HA HA! Imeant anatomy Genes

jennco93 2653 days ago


SONOFSIMMONS 2653 days ago

that does not look like the lady on your show

DonnaGlaser 2653 days ago

You are a scream!

vegasbobman66 2653 days ago

how do we get HER implants?

MattTheKing 2653 days ago

Hmmmm, I expected your mom to have bigger boobs...

kulmy 2653 days ago

His wife couldn't be satisfied with that, could she?

_HariPota_ 2653 days ago

hey, we're relatives, I have the same ones... LOL

silvercitypink 2653 days ago

Roflmho, I knew it! I knew it! As soon as I read Museum of Natural History, I started laughing hysterically knowing the pic would be something like this!!! I love your sense of humor, Shannon! xo

gm7088 2653 days ago

I don't see any resemblance at all.