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cool helmet sticker for @stafon13 that we'll wear starting this weekend

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2652 days ago

cool helmet sticker for that we'll wear starting this weekend


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ajack2 2651 days ago

Nice touch! Now kick some Irish A_ _ ! Fight on! I'll be out of town this weekend but will be wearing my colors!! Prediction : USC 34 - 17

mtn16 2652 days ago

You need to put these up for sale. Fight On Coach and make it 8 straight for the Trojans. God Bless you Stafon and your wonderful mother.

MaggieFord 2652 days ago

Beat the Irish!

darcaro 2652 days ago

That is Excellant, USC fan from way back ... looking forward to a real thrashing of the Irish. Fight on !!!

wendy4usc 2652 days ago

Excellent! Fight on and Beat the Irish!!!!!!!!!

KD4RKO 2652 days ago

I like it Coach!! Fight On! Kick some Irish butt this weekend. Keep on recovering .

Joe_Mureo 2652 days ago

Nice touch coach. Kick some Irish butt this weekend. Fight On!!

Viol8torMode 2652 days ago

FIGHT ON INDEED!!!!! Crush those leprechauns come Saturday.

mrslim428 2652 days ago

lets go trojans

gandgzmom 2652 days ago

So thats what Notre Dame will be looking at when they're trying to catch up to a trojan! Hmm Love it!!

RockDogJuan 2652 days ago

We're ALL Rooting for you Stafon. BEAT THE IRISH and FIGHT ON!!!

Eric_Cramer 2652 days ago

Ok I want more than one...

Eric_Cramer 2652 days ago

I want one, where can we buy them? :)

ELIM888 2652 days ago

Great idea! We're all rooting for #13!!

KoperniChris 2652 days ago

cool!! keep gettin better

h00pz4life25 2652 days ago

thats wussup. take it to those irish! GO TROJANS

rcyoung11 2652 days ago

Awesome! Beat the Irish!!!

Black_Bauer85 2652 days ago


ChrisYancey 2652 days ago


h0twh33ls17 2652 days ago