Travis Clark


I sing and play guitar for the Classical quartet 'We The Kings' Yes, it is fun. One day, I'm gonna be in a movie :)

REDEMPTION!!!! Can't keep me away :)

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2613 days ago

REDEMPTION!!!! Can't keep me away :)


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Lareskkkk 2547 days ago


AndreaGiugliano 2552 days ago

eres sexyyyyy

XxXwtk_loveXxX 2555 days ago

your cute

ImangoJango 2568 days ago

Omg at 14th street? I was there on that day. I couldve seen you!

TamilynAnne 2573 days ago

I loveeeee your sunglasses!

smileitsbubbles 2573 days ago

OH MA GODDD. This is the first Chipotle I ever ate at. True story.

MeghanUhlilbit 2600 days ago

way cute

MeghanUhlilbit 2600 days ago

Way cute

WTFDana 2612 days ago

ahaha i ate there the day after i saw you at Warped Tour! i still wear my guitar string bracelet you made, btw ;]

Bsquair 2613 days ago

by this I mean you and chipotle

Bsquair 2613 days ago

we need this in Canada !

ALMA_DaNgErOuS 2613 days ago

Travis, you should live there xD

nicole_2012 2613 days ago

you are so cute! and Chipotle is delicious! :)

ellenlovex 2613 days ago

Is that in Manhatten? o_O i live in NY

paintingclouds 2613 days ago

best burritos EVER

paintingclouds 2613 days ago

best burritos EVER

alinotalison 2613 days ago

You have GOT to be joking. I was there a few hours ago. :(

Blondiexx137 2613 days ago

Lol, you and your chipotle :P

stuckonnatali 2613 days ago

lol i love u travis =)

HelenHolz 2613 days ago

What is with bands and their Chipotle