Charlie Davies


US Men's National Team #9, Sochaux #9, Watch your boy come back stronger than ever! Bless!

Guys on bus to training

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2118 days ago

Guys on bus to training


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USFOUNDINGFAN09 2065 days ago

USA needs to take Slovenia/Algeria very seriously. These countries don't make it to the World Cup by accident, they are playing well. USA needs to be well prepared and take everyone just as serious as the next. And is anyone actually buying

Manu_CravO 2065 days ago

you are favorites 2conds in your group of world cup

samcunited 2078 days ago

how r u doing right now with your injuries

fredm04 2083 days ago

Hope you're doing well Charlie -- can't wait til things have settled down enough for you to start giving us some updates again. Everybody wants to know how you're doing!

Diamond991 2093 days ago

i wish i was in that bus full of hotti

Erika_Anda 2093 days ago

haha I LOVE BENNY. look at chings face. luv it. i wish i was in a bus with them. . .

adam5100 2105 days ago

after you get better, which you will, dont do anything stupid,,thats my gpa's advice and its always served me well,,,,,

olya_moscow 2106 days ago

wow wow wow i wanna in this busss

olya_moscow 2106 days ago

wow wow wow))) i wanna in this Bus))) hehe

proxilog 2113 days ago

Petite pensée de France, je viens d'apprendre la nouvelle de ton accident. Bon courage pour la suite et au plaisir de te revoir sur les terrains français...

beatsgoals 2113 days ago

Get well soon bro! Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

golfan42 2115 days ago

Get well soon! I agree with pelenupe, we need to see the stanky leg again so get better and score some goals!!! Hopefully, you can play in next year's world cup. :)

pelenupe 2116 days ago

Thoughts and prayers brother. I know you'll make it through this. We're with you. That stanky leg celebration was the best. Thoughts and prayers to the others in the accident as well.

blairgeiger 2116 days ago

hahah look at donovan lookin sneaky over there...get well soon chuckiee

oakton24 2117 days ago

Get well soon bro!

youcantdrumlkme 2117 days ago

youre in our thoughts man.

AnfieldIron 2117 days ago

Get well soon, Charlie. Healing thoughts and prayers going out to you from St. Louis.

leilaames 2117 days ago

Charlie, you're at the top of your game and we need you next year. Praying for your recovery in UT!

bajenstatistik 2117 days ago

Charlie, do get well! The whole Hammarby community are thinking of you all the time now.

OscarFenger 2117 days ago

Sending love from Denmark..wish you all the best, i'll pray for you and your family..really hope you get well