James Harden


NBA Player for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

We all out eating and @kevindurant35 said he wanted to try something new...man we got a funny team lol

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2508 days ago

We all out eating and said he wanted to try something new...man we got a funny team lol


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beauty2177 2507 days ago

I think all ya gotta do now is throw on a 3pc suit and you can be Donald Trump for Halloween:)

JaxBileDuct 2507 days ago

Reminds me of those old Jordan commercials. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFYwg9gxyio

ValerioDAngelo 2508 days ago

Kinda Ralph Malph from Happy Days?Lol.Awesome!

DrRube 2508 days ago

save it...use it as a game-time adjustment. No one knows where KD went, but someone needs to man up with Big Red...3 truckstop diner thumbs up...

BellaYazzy 2508 days ago

hahahaha.... thats somne funny shit..
You look like MADEA on Crack!!!

cmdn0 2508 days ago

Looks like you've been hanging around my grandma too much

tenkaratgirl1 2508 days ago

LOL!!Ur Halloween Look!!!

leadinglady32 2508 days ago

im going to need you to not go outside with that on!!!! lol

kcharbs 2508 days ago

Oh hell no...please tell me you lost a bet!

starrburst38 2508 days ago

Wtf lmao...nah

BrownSugar_81 2508 days ago

LOL!!!!! 2 funny!

Ms_Sassy2Classy 2508 days ago

Oh my!That's lovely!

DaddyDuggan 2508 days ago

Somewhere, Charlie Murphy is weeping.

eplcdc 2508 days ago

i think you should wear that out on the court - you'd surely do some intimidating ;-) ....hysterical...glad u guys can have fun

COCOAXX 2508 days ago

wow no comment

Ty_Dollaz_Pow 2508 days ago

U look like u was in plante of the apes...Lmfao!

deelo_ 2508 days ago

Lmaoo. Get ittt, Kevvvv!

mz_jean06 2508 days ago

damn dont hurt em! lmao

davecfields 2508 days ago

:) go thunder!

umassjsp 2508 days ago

He looks like the old wrestler Butch "The Natural" Reed.