You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake.

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scratchy branches

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1734 days ago

scratchy branches


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blustela 1720 days ago


Srtaregina 1720 days ago

Beautiful pic!!!!kisses.......

PaulSilverWolf 1721 days ago

I really like this one says winter is coming to me.

cathy_belle 1721 days ago

awesome. i don't know why but now i'm thinking about christmas. :D

jhamoi 1725 days ago

you got that one nice job:)

scatarina 1729 days ago

so beautiful. (:

ann_k_ 1729 days ago

wow beautiful.. very Halloweenish

babycornejo 1730 days ago

I like!!! :)

ROTEMS 1731 days ago

amazing pic!

katattak 1731 days ago

amazing photography of something so simple

CwriterO3 1732 days ago

ooh, this is really pretty

ThruTheForest 1732 days ago

Not sure if anyone else has noticed, but this caught my eye. Your photography began to resemble softness, then to almost hardness. Very interesting, could directing perhaps influence your photography interests? Very Good resolution and good choice on the

fancyfarah 1732 days ago

love this

ashleyschrtbrgr 1733 days ago

I like it.. pine trees are pretty! And the first thing I think of is the spider monkey scene in Twilight whenever I see a conifer of any sort.. haha

amargarett 1733 days ago

awesome!!!!! It's Nikon? What Nikon?

lauralien 1733 days ago

Thank You, your pics are interesting and beautiful. This one makes me thinking of some familiar wolfs and vampires.....

Michelle_P17 1733 days ago

cool! the right pic 4 halloween! ;)

guzman93 1733 days ago


cutestkidsmom 1733 days ago


_Corr 1733 days ago

ouch!!! :D