You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake.

This afternoon nature walk, first day off in as long as I can remember.

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2313 days ago

This afternoon nature walk, first day off in as long as I can remember.


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te_iubesc 2298 days ago

Don't blow away the cobwebs-- take pictures of them.

PaulSilverWolf 2300 days ago

screams lonely

Yuliaax3 2306 days ago

u take the best pictues ever..really..whoaaaaa!

amethystjem228 2312 days ago

what kind of camera do you use? it takes amazing pictures

Trisha424 2312 days ago

wow I love the colors of autumn I live in S.AZ I never get to see the changing of the seasons

bonkitgirl 2313 days ago

Beautiful, love your photography.

LUCIABLEUE 2313 days ago


Fern_Hill 2313 days ago

you use your camera like a poet uses pen...this is inspiring. thank you for sharing this moment.

lovesEzraKoenig 2313 days ago

beatiful, i love your photos!!!!!! SO MUCH!!!=]

cityofhysteria 2313 days ago

Beautiful, now Iknow why you're a director :D

ashleylinden 2313 days ago

love your photography. What kind of camera?

amargarett 2313 days ago


javiera_corsini 2313 days ago

i like how it looks with the sunlight

evelyyna 2313 days ago

beautiful pic! :)

tatiguidio 2313 days ago

Beautiful gold-lighting!

_Corr 2313 days ago

cheers, hope your walk was relaxing, blow away the cob webs!

Fuzzy_Rob_Love 2313 days ago

There is nothing better than getting wrapped up for a walk on an autumn day. It's my favourite season. The light is perfect orange and gold.

paulaordaz 2313 days ago

Really beutiful.. Love you pic!

30yearoldtwifan 2313 days ago

THIS is my favorite! It looks Creepy Beautiful! Love it!

aurelia119 2313 days ago

c'est cool