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2654 days ago


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C_L_Lee 2653 days ago

We've been getting at least one shitty call going against us every game. I think the Pac-10 zebras have something against the Cats or Stoops. Too bad it cost the Cats the game.

B_Murdock1320 2653 days ago

quit whining Arizona...the play can't be redone and you have to deal with that...maybe if Foles hadn't thrown the pass that low in the first place, none of this wouldn't have happened

wildcat34 2653 days ago

u cant read letters but u can see they're there. College Ftball Live's analysts both said it hit ground.

wineillusion 2653 days ago

We are talking about a difference of less than an inch. No. 40s name on his jersey has letters larger than an inch. And if you didn't know who he was, you couldn't read the name.

wineillusion 2653 days ago

The point is this: the ball either grazed the turf and hit the shoe, or hit the shoe and barely missed the shoe. The resolution just isn't good enough to determine which. Play stands as called on the field. Period.

wineillusion 2653 days ago

Nope. I've looked at it from every angle. There's nothing CLEAR about it.

wildcat34 2654 days ago

It clearly hit the ground AND the foot, we're not saying it was just the ground

afrod 2654 days ago

Neither photo shows the ball conclusively hitting the ground. Physics tells us it HAD to hit his shoe to bounce back the other way. No doubt about that one.

cbruce 2654 days ago

There is NO way a ball would bounce up like it did if it hit the turf. It clearly hit the cleat.

dgmustard 2654 days ago

wineillusion - How about this angle? You can see both feet AND the ball touching the ground:

wineillusion 2654 days ago

This photo means nothing. The heal you see is from the left foot. The right foot is tucked behind with the toe of the shoe under the ball and not visible from this angle. I thought the ball maybe hit the ground, but I couldn't tell from the replays. Neith

sbrettupchurch 2654 days ago

Whatever. Seattle always gets screwed by the refs. We deserve one. Too bad it comes in a meaningless game against a worthless opponent. Cardinals suck btw.

chyang888 2654 days ago

I am sure the refs have a much better replay system than picture or Youtube. The ball clearly made contact with the heel of the foot here. And it does seem to make contact with the ground due to the fuzziness of this picture. However, there could have be

schlitt47 2654 days ago

This is pathetic. Even the OFFICIALS don't want UofA to go to the Rose Bowl.

Foles should never have this pick in his statistics.

timknorr 2654 days ago

I'm a UW fan, and I'm with you that Arizona deserved to win that game. Our D could not come close to stopping you. This is all the fault of Pac-10 refs. Just like they screwed us (and admitted they did) at Notre Dame. They screwed you over. Pac-10 refs su

wildcat34 2654 days ago

Its unbelievable. I think the home crowd may have something to do with it.

zona2783 2654 days ago

Amazing, why is it that the Pac10 officials can not even get it right with instant replay?