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ARE YOUUUUU HO-CKEYYYY... tonight will be pretty oily for that game against the Canadiens and the Oilers... the loser will get oiled... LOL

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1787 days ago

ARE YOUUUUU HO-CKEYYYY... tonight will be pretty oily for that game against the Canadiens and the Oilers... the loser will get oiled... LOL


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blondhair83 1785 days ago


momenemy 1785 days ago

Kanu is making a pretty good referee - he seems to be enjoying his job quite a bit! love the stripes and the hockey growl!!

Robert_Dude 1786 days ago

Ouch... Jeff... that's pretty funny... the challenges starts 3 games ago... and it's only since that time that the Canadians loose... maybe it's because you are too mean to Sef... Jeff... God is Punishing you!! LOL:P

suzy_lafort 1786 days ago

Yeah We see now who's got the final word!!!!!! LOL

BrendaVancamp 1786 days ago

Girly boy when ya gonna learn. Sef is King!!

Juliette007 1787 days ago

If i was you Jeffy-Boy, i'll go to meet the Canadians team without to forget oil and clamb in you pocket ;)

Sammeh_ 1787 days ago

Poor Jeffy-boy! Hope you don't slip and fall when you're all oiled up!

yfeofficial 1787 days ago

The end game: 3-2 for the Oilers, Jeff didn't say a word & Sef is laughing madly, it will be another nightmare for Jeff... 3 losses in a row

mardoche 1787 days ago

Good game guys!!!
No matter who win tonight...It will be wonderful...
SEFF hummm I like your have a lot of money to give to the coach if you save money on the team

sugarwideload 1787 days ago

You guys are great!! Hahaha...always fun on hockey nights!!

ruthy33 1787 days ago

Let's go... Oilers ? Canadiens ? Hmmmm Let's say that the 2 possibilities to see Jeff or Sef get oiled up are exciting ! I can't wait !

AlinnKoda 1787 days ago

Oh just one goal? too early to e celebrating, Sef!!! GO HABS GO!!!

yfeofficial 1787 days ago

Sef called Jeff saying: "hey dude, your hair will look even more greasy tonight... Oilers are already up by one goal... poor Jeffy baby boy"

yfeofficial 1787 days ago

If you want to be crazy entertained, watch the video the guys did for tonight's match up... or

tetrisfan 1787 days ago

Watchout Sef, tonight Montreal is going to have their night!:-)Go Montreal!!!

yfeofficial 1787 days ago

Sef said oiling Jeff's head will help his hair grow back... while Jeff said oil will do good for Sef's alternative lifestyle... so intense!

marie_claude10 1787 days ago

Hey jai l'idée du siècle, Chuck tu dois ABSOLUEMENT FAIRE LE MESSAGE : vous devez, une fois le gars oileux, foutre des plumes de taie d'oreille pour que ça puisse bien coller au max! ;) Bonne chance les boys!;)

AlinnKoda 1787 days ago

Ohhhh!! i can't wait to see who's going to lose? Sef, i hope you are ready for your team to get their butts handed to them!! Yeah that's right...i have faith in the HABS!! no matter what!!

lebordelais 1787 days ago

Sef... tu es magnifique mon pot!! J'adore ton style! Mais, j'ai tellement hête de te voir couvert d'huile!! lol... Bronzé et huilé! Tu te prépare pour les Olympiques? ;) Sef Zeus!! JT

RollingSun2000 1787 days ago

Hang on, oiled?! Is that a punishment or a reward?! I feel more sorry for whoever is going to be the one actually putting it on the looser. lol