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Is this considered an award?

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1756 days ago

Is this considered an award?


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whiteboy07 1624 days ago


AlexMogil95 1708 days ago


isaacfromCT 1752 days ago

That really means something. Sayts a lot about your great conditioning, which allows you to stay in the game longer than most players.

whatthefiler 1753 days ago


sainj7 1755 days ago

ya man for ur hard dedication to our team, for playing the most minutes out of all of the other nba players in this season.

jerzyGOhard 1755 days ago

Congratulation ! xD

joshlipovetsky 1756 days ago

Haha, apparently so. The real award is the principle! Contributing the most minutes to your team and to your city. Thanks for the dedication Andre!

Mdub9999 1756 days ago

Did somebody make that in shop class?

kenya210 1756 days ago

i think so. it needs some gloss :)

WestSideRube 1756 days ago

props on the minutes, but what's up with the plywood?

ALAHHHHNA 1756 days ago

Yeah, it's an award. It seems so strange though.

eric_arrache 1756 days ago

at least it's not the techincal fouls award

KramerDSP 1756 days ago

Wow. The NBA's THAT broke?

IMChiTown_Crazy 1756 days ago

hell yea that means u got the most tick of EVERYBODY in the nba u contributed the most to your teams wins during the season and playoffs

offspeedpitch 1756 days ago

Award/Cutting-Board, fantastic! Is that Pine?

Irvin88 1756 days ago

I guess so. Look at it this way, you got those minutes because your coach thought that with you out there in the court playing all those minutes, he thought your team had a great chance of winning.

Darkknight_06 1756 days ago

LMAO. Hell no, but it looks good though.

New_Raoul 1756 days ago

Yessir! From 2008-2009 nobody had the stamina to match you minute for minute, pound for pound. A.I.II. the "Marathon Man"

jose3030 1756 days ago