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I'm George Hotz.

no photoshop, i swear

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1970 days ago

no photoshop, i swear


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j5ivekc 1948 days ago

Why even doubt him? He is the first person to unlock a iphone idiots.

nlbontj1 1968 days ago

there is one issue, I can install apps. But cannot browse the root of de iDevice with iPhone Explorer or DiskAid. The reason is that he tells that my iPhone is not jailbroken.
Can you fix this.

iPhone with fw 3.1.2.


uh_bill 1969 days ago

You're an idiot. I could recreate that in 45 seconds of code. You're not proving anything.

issam070 1969 days ago

when are you releasing it?? I have a iPhone 3g 8gb but I can't use it for two weeks only as ipod en internet browser..but I want to textmessage en make phone calls..I want a unlock

kdeliopoulos 1970 days ago


ototre 1970 days ago

Woooooooooooooo!! god damn man u r awesome... every body is waiting for ya.. to put your work in progress soo Go ahead..!!

nlbontj1 1970 days ago

top!, but when is this available?

Kizikhi 1970 days ago

Awesome :)

infamousnoble 1970 days ago

your the JB KING!!!!

infamousnoble 1970 days ago

you are the jb KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iphonehelper816 1970 days ago

GEO FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD JOB MAN

Stringalove 1970 days ago

no jb no party, ra1n dance!!!

RemyPas 1970 days ago


Stringalove 1970 days ago

ra1n dance woo-hoo go mate!!!

toobank 1970 days ago

I live in Hong Kong..I also wondering..

kiddoftheyear 1970 days ago

n1ce. this going to work for out of box 3GS, or only pre JBed and upgraded to 3.1.x?

creech16 1970 days ago


creech16 1970 days ago


creech16 1970 days ago


iPhonemods 1970 days ago