It begins with me covered in sperm, trapped in my old man's balls. Then, suddenly... ESCAPE!

Herr Direcktor, Noel Clarke - counting it down: 4,3,2,1...

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1940 days ago

Herr Direcktor, Noel Clarke - counting it down: 4,3,2,1...


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sayra72 1911 days ago

oh, dreamy.

RoseyTyler 1939 days ago

Noel Clarke FTW!

clownboy 1939 days ago

Mickey Smith, Kevin Smith... You NEED a Smith on board.

kk76 1939 days ago

Where are you playing in manhattan?

WahminSC 1939 days ago

Love him!

hwvw 1939 days ago

Ah, I luv Dr. Who. Unfortunately, there are only 1st nd 2nd season dubbed into german. :(

pikzeequeen 1939 days ago


Granite_grizz 1939 days ago

"Ricky!", "It's Micky.", "How would you know?"

AndyDrewForYou 1939 days ago

OH!!!!! him!Kidulthood, or adulthood! or something.

t_reed 1939 days ago

Or is it Ricky?

russdaddy 1939 days ago


CharlesSkaggs 1939 days ago

So much for being the tin dog, eh, Noel?

JohnnyA10 1939 days ago

Do I smell a Kidulthood/Clerks crossover?

mickmoart 1940 days ago

Noel is the man! Baftas and Doctor Who assistants! You just can't beat that! :D

raynedanser 1940 days ago

\o/ Love Noel!!!! --- Blast off?