Bill Prady


Executive Producer, The Big Bang Theory

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2063 days ago


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bluemonker 2061 days ago

in small places.. Thats a rip of my "Matthew in small places". Matts been placed in linen closets, boxes, nightstands... :)

Pandaville 2061 days ago

OMG NO WAY!!! That's so awesome!!

soundsightfreak 2062 days ago

Love the parka. xD YOU FAIL, MONSIEUR.

CaptObtuse 2062 days ago

It's not Photoshopped, you ninny. He's sitting inside the 'fridge, but the door's not closed. The angle of the photo makes it (mostly) look like he's completely inside.

EddiePasa 2062 days ago

Win. Just... WIN. Nice touch with the Spock figurine atop the fridge.

BrandiMcGill 2062 days ago

never try it at home... try it at a friend's house lol

kromrey 2062 days ago

That was worth the wait! Good to know that is a man the honors his word. BTW, LMAO!!!

SnowDan 2062 days ago

Okay that's amazing! And having Spock like guard the fridge? Brilliant thinking. Love it!

doctoraicha 2062 days ago

Oh NOOOOO, Mr Spock!

squ1rrel 2062 days ago

omg amazing

Kinravip 2063 days ago

"There's a Vulcan on the telly...!"

ilsaingrid 2063 days ago

Is that Spock or McCoy on top of there? Ha ha ha!

FluffsyBell 2063 days ago

that's absolutely not him... I mean, look at the proportions, I think is a hoax, hahahahaha! but you guys rock! you had me waiting all week! love ya!

CryoZero 2063 days ago

What in the...

the_voxgoddess 2063 days ago

How did he fit in there??? :)

BittenUsagi 2063 days ago

ROTFL Awesome!

Uulargh 2063 days ago

I know, it's so hard to find sufficient quantities of carbonite in Hollywoodland. Right? Nice Anorak BTW.

9_spuffyvmars_3 2063 days ago

only thing that would have made this picture better is not having Spock's head cut off. other than that: priceless :)

courtney_beth 2063 days ago

Well played guys. I'm so happy you came through and amused all of us with this awesomeness :D

avatar28 2063 days ago

It's a Photoshop. You can tell by the pixels. :)