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DoomKnight is almost here!

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2691 days ago

DoomKnight is almost here!


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Bentleynew 2487 days ago

Long un-live the shadowscythe! Bauhahaha┬┤!

KaiqueTheManolo 2600 days ago

i kill easy(if the DK is llvl -10)

Orphantine 2625 days ago


kinzvlle 2689 days ago

stike of doom

x1x2x3x_AE 2690 days ago

members?!?!?!?! T_T

x1x2x3x_AE 2690 days ago

and 3 hours to sun down?!?! yay!

x1x2x3x_AE 2690 days ago

is it members?? this armor looks very cool

WeiQuan08 2690 days ago

Why Good and Evil...I Thought Evil Only...Coz of the Evilish things......I Have Completely no idea what im talking about so...:D

Ironhorn17 2691 days ago

Awesome!!!!!!!!. Quick question thought, when are the gift boxes opening?

Legoking777 2691 days ago

I can't wait! I'm trying to get ACs or member tonight! Probably ACs.

ShadowAE 2691 days ago

Omigosh, want cape nao.

Vamparagon 2691 days ago

Cloak + Vampire Class =

CharonTheShadow 2691 days ago

Amg, it's Vampire/Cardinal Cloak! :o

Kord228 2691 days ago


dystopiandino 2691 days ago

*Doooooom's all around. It's in the air, it comes out of the gro-ound. And I always had all the answers. Destroy the undead and kill the necromancers!* -Warcry of the Paladin. Although, I suppose not very fitting.

SpiderpigAE 2691 days ago

...that has nothing to do with this but I like that movie too.........

GrimlinSkeleton 2691 days ago

my mama say lifes like a box of chococlates u never no what your gonna get run forest run my name is forest forest gump!

SpiderpigAE 2691 days ago

And sorry if I'm starting to spam here a little but check your spelling also laquint because you should know the difference between your and you're.

SpiderpigAE 2691 days ago

What they are trying to say first

SpiderpigAE 2691 days ago

Laquint why would you call me stupid? I'm just saying that that rumor is getting annoying you don't have to insult me. I've been hearing that rumor for the past few days now and I have no idea where it came for. So next time you call someone stupid, look